Our ladders are entirely made of composite materials without bonding point or metal parts (screw, bolt, etc…).
We are able to manufacture ladders in any dimensions requested by the customer.

Our ladders guarantee an high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, electrical insulation, low maintenance and they are easly transportable due to their lightness.


Standard EN


This European Standard EN 131-1:2015 defines terms and specifies the general design characteristics of ladders (It applies to portable ladders).

The new standard contains modifications compared to the old standard in order to improve the stability of ladders in use.

All ladders that can be used as leaning ladders, of 3 m or more in length, must have a larger support basis to the ground.


NIKRON proposes a correct stabilizer bar with non-sleep feet. The required width of the base stabiliser may be up to a maximum of 1,200 mm, depending on the length of the ladder